cherry wood shelf
cherry wood shelf

The Cherry Shelf - Set of 2

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The cherry on top. 

The Cherry Shelf Set is a solid cherry set of shelves rubbed with oil, and hand polished.  The cherry wood has a subtle red hue that makes a great accent piece for any room.

Mounting hardware is not included; shelves can be mounted as desired with applicable hardware.

Materials: solid cherry wood, oil/wax seal

  • Narrowest Depth: shelf 1 (5 3/4”) and shelf 2 (5 3/4”)
  • Widest Depth: shelf 1 (18 3/8") and shelf 2 (24”)
  • Thickness: 3/4”
  • Top Weight: 5 lbs. for both shelves
  • Some tabletops feature a natural bark edge, which may come loose over time. This is expected and considered normal wear.
  • Natural wood may display small splits, knots, joint lines, or other organic features that will not affect the quality or performance of your piece.
  • Furniture made from natural wood may move slightly due to temperature and humidity. This is normal and should be expected from season to season.